About SheMuscle

49,000+ Photos, 410+ Videos, 250+ Models.

SheMuscle® offers photos and videos of the strongest, sexiest fit and muscular women anywhere. Our models are competitive, professional and amateur bodybuilders, athletes, fitness and figure competitors as well as women who simply train their hardest to be their strongest.

SheMuscle® was established in 2004. It has become the choice of female muscle lovers everywhere who appreciate the power of a strong, sexy woman’s body – and of models who appreciate our professionalism, award-winning photographic style and eye for unique beauty.

SheMuscle® has members from all over North America, as well as from countries around the globe. Members have full access to thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of the strongest, sexiest women anywhere.

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About DirtyMuscle

The DirtyMuscle Difference

SheMuscle® has been bringing you the strongest, sexiest women anywhere since 2004 – bodybuilders who aren’t afraid to be naked, beautiful girls who enjoy showing off their muscles nude. DirtyMuscle models take it further. DirtyMuscle photo and video shoots are very explicit. That’s why the site is definitely adults-only.

On DirtyMuscle, you’ll see many of your favorite SheMuscle® models giving themselves and each other hardcore, below-the-belt workouts with hands, mouths, and all kinds of toys. But that’s not every model’s choice. Some models won’t appear on a site that features explicit content, out of concern about its potential impact on their careers, so that is why they are comfortable being on SheMuscle® and why we created DirtyMuscle as a stand alone site.

Think of SheMuscle® as the “Playboy” of female muscle sites, and DirtyMuscle as the “Penthouse” of female muscle sites. Both feature sizzingly gorgeous muscle models, but the muscle girls of DirtyMuscle are a lot naughtier.

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About FemaleMusclePornStars

The FemaleMuscle PornStars Difference

No skinny porn stars here, our Women can kick your ass. Watch as they humiliate their weak men. They do as they wish, ball kicking, belly punching, harsh hand jobs, orgasm denial and yes, muscle fucking. They Demolish erections!

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About FemaleMuscleCougars

The FemaleMuscle Cougars Difference

Mature female muscle is like no other. These are women who have spent years in the gym developing their physiques. They make no apologies about their dense muscular bodies as well as their insatiable desire to show it off. They love being naughty.

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